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If you asked the sky how much it loves this place that breathes spirituality and calm, it would blush. If we consider all of the probable tourist attractions in this world’s last the Buddhist Kingdom that you may visit on your holiday, the list could go on and on. The glory of the Bhutan Spiritual Tour has reached a high level due to the eternal beauty and divinity.

For travelers seeking a haven of quiet, rest, and rehabilitation, Bhutan offers a variety of activities. Bhutan offers just what you need to restore and refresh your body and mind, whether it’s a session of calm, contemplative meditation, a soothing dip in a mineral hot spring bath, or the all-natural cures of our traditional medicine. Our many meditations and meditation retreats will give you a getaway from the responsibilities and stresses of daily life. Take a look at some divine places and things to do in your Bhutan Spiritual Tour:

  1. Experience Monastic Stay

A monastic stay in Bhutan is one of the best experiences to have spiritual solace and insight. Most of the monasteries and temples in Bhutan are scenically located on high mountains or hilltop settings with dramatic views and the dominant presence of divine energy.

Waking up to the sound of a bell or joining the assembly of monks in the tune of their morning prayer. Participating in incense offering and understanding the profound meaning behind the whole procession would give you a deep insight into understanding visualization, merit, and wisdom.

Sitting down for a formal session of Shamatha meditation led by an experienced master is a good practice to calm your mind and observe the nature of your thoughts.

There are activities where you can donate meals to monks and have picnic lunches with them or read your birth chart/ astrology, etc.

Many of the monasteries in Bhutan have simple guest houses with basic facilities.

Monk feeding fish

2. Join the Retreat Centre

Join the Retreat Centre in the Spiritual Heartland of Bhutan, Bumthang. This Retreat Centre in Bumthang established in 2019 caters to the needs of the foreign seekers. It is a place for meditation and practices any health or wellness exercises. Thus, the center aims to promote both physical and spiritual well-being in a pristine natural environment for embracing the art of living.

Retreat Centre, Bumthang is located 6 km from Bumthang domestic airport at an altitude of 3,000 meters above sea level. The center is among natural grassland surrounded by evergreen pine forests with a good view of Bumthang valley.

Spiritual and Wellbeing Activities

  • Guided Meditation

One will be introduced to the fundamental essence of Buddhist meditation by an experienced instructor as per one’s needs. One can choose to subsume themselves in the spacious common prayer hall or can practice individually in their private rooms. The center facilitates ‘Freedom of Self Practice’ and any wellness exercise such as yoga and others.

  • Performing Religious Ceremony

One can decide to do any religious ceremonies as per one’s requirement which will be arranged by the center at the common prayer hall. For example, the Green Tara Ritual is believed to clear mental and emotional blockages. It is also said that if one understands the meaning and the process of the rituals one can invoke the divine qualities of Mother Tara and go beyond Hope and Fear.

Or witness “feast offering” of “Chod practice ceremony” done with the melodious sound of drum and bell which is said to cut your ego-clinging to the Self. You can witness the prayers or ceremonies at ease.

  • Other Activities

You can also participate in hoisting prayer flags, meet with Buddhist Scholars or practitioners for discussion on Buddhist philosophy or meditation experiences. Any other activities can be arranged after pre-discussion.

3. Witness Sacred Festivals of Bhutan

Festivals in Bhutan are observed as a sacred event to purify one’s vision and be one with the mandala of the deities; it is spiritual initiation and collective meditation.

Bhutan Festivals or Tshechus are an enchanting exhibition of colors and gathering of people with the center of attraction being the sacred cham dances. The sacred dances originated from the five wisdom deities and also stem from mystical tantric performances and teachings of the Guru Padmasambhava and other fully enlightened masters when they transform themselves into a particular deity and subdue evil spirits through mindful dance. It is manifested in meditational mandalas of Vajrayana Buddhism in real-life 3D.

The meaning, symbolism, and purpose of the dances can be quite mysterious to the uninitiated observers. However, being a part of Tshechu is considered like stepping into a mandala of enlightened beings and their compassionate activity of love and care-free joy.

Chams: Manifestation and Primordial Wisdom

During the performance of the sacred dance, the dance master known as Champion — appears in front leading several other dancers. Together, these figures show the multitude of manifestations that result from the compassion of Buddha in the quest to liberate all sentient beings.

The assistant dance master known as the chamjug- remains by himself, at last, indicating all the manifestations are dissolved into one, the primordial wisdom, the Buddha Samantabhadra. Because all sentient beings are seen at this point to have moved to the pure land, no further manifestations are required as all have reached enlightenment.

Attending festivals of Bhutan is an occasion that offers one an opportunity to renew their faith in Buddha Dharma and to cultivate their understanding of the teachings.

4. Hike through Taktsang Monastery

The ideal way to begin your spiritual vacation in Bhutan is to visit the famed Taktsang Palphug Monastery, also known as Paro Tiger’s Nest, a sacred site of devotion perched on a cliff overlooking the picturesque Paro Valley. Gyalse Tenzin Rabgye erected the temple complex surrounding the cave where the Divine Sage Padmasambhava worshipped in Bhutan in 1962.

According to legend, the sage prayed in the cave for three years, three months, three weeks, three days, and three hours during the eighth century. Padmasambhava was also the one who introduced Buddhism to Bhutan, and as a result, he is revered by people all over the world.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery at 3,100 meters above sea level

Final Thoughts

Bhutan’s fondness for its visitors, always looking for calm and renewal, can be seen in every area. After knowing the peaceful places in the Bhutan spiritual tour, would you like to know about the travel package in Bhutan Inbound? Contact our team to book our package and enjoy solace in the divine mountains and monastery of Bhutan. Also learn about the best time to visit Bhutan



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